The Authors


Tommie Cau — Creative strategies to attract and engage talent

I am a creative strategist passionate about talent. I help HR leaders take charge in exploring challenges and opportunities for the next generation of working life. Today.

Guiding you to see and explore these opportunities is at the centre of my professional DNA. Together we can prepare you and your organization. As an HR leader you are already ahead in terms of State of Mind at Work. I’m sure of it. I’m merely here to help you create the movement you need to push forward. Today.

A highly skilled professional, as comfortable with thinking big as he is in leading and inspiring the people around him to thrive and excel. A creative strategist with a love of branding, talent and digital.

Some say he is humble, and they are right. Tommie also exudes a quiet confidence that makes people trust him and open up to him. He is warm, energetic, trustworthy. A good friend and collaborator. Early riser. Coffee drinker. Loves Copenhagen.
— Jaan on Tommie

Jaan Orvet — Creative work culture, by and for people

In terms of professional roots, mine are firmly planted in the world of User Experience design. These days, as a Design Strategist, I work with progressive agencies and organisations that create services and spaces that respectfully serve us people, us humans.

I stand unshakeable in my belief that people and ethics always come first. With that as a starting point, championing a healthy State of Mind at Work comes naturally. It leads to a more positive work culture, happier team members and clients, stronger returns, and it makes evolving ideas and ways of working a natural and continuous way of simply getting on with things.

Jaan is one of the most creative minds I’ve met, and he relentlessly puts people first in every equation. Be it in business, life, work, brand or in a product challenge – to Orvet it’s always human first.

A quick thinker who is always one step ahead in connecting the dots and combining vision with progress. An energetic, caring and fun friend and coworker. Loves the colour black, and Hong Kong. Coffee nerd. Will literally go around the world to find the best coffee bars. And write guides to them.
— Tommie on Jaan

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